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Re: Дистрибутивы Avast! (Все версии)
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Дистрибутивы Avast! (Все версии)

Avast! 8.0.1481 RTM

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avast! 8 RTM build is now ready! The build number is 8.0.1481. A few things that you already know:

You'll immediately notice the new GUI. We are excited to hear your feedback
The Software Updater is a new tool for helping you keep apps up to date. Give it a try
There is a new product tier called Premier, it includes 3 new features:
• Data Shredder for wiping files, drives, and partitions
• Software Updater in autoupdate mode
• AccessAnywhere for remotely connecting to your PC no matter where you are

There is also a Browser Cleanup tool; it's a great utility for getting rid of invasive toolbars.
In addition, avast! Ad Blocker is introduced; this feature allows you to block ads, simple but nice

Other improvements have been made to our FileRep and WebRep to help keep identify new threats in near real-time.
And finally, our Streaming Updates make sure you have the lastes virus definitions.

We hope you will find avast! 8 to be a great product and we sincerely appreciate you taking part in the final testing and sharing
your feedback with us. Please use our new [Ссылки могут видеть только зарегистрированные пользователи. ] (click 'Login', then 'Single Sign-On' and you'll be
logged in automagically if you are already logged in the forum or you'll be asked for your forum credentials).

Fixed issues from previous betas
- Some online content does not fit or is not translated yet
- IE WebRep plugin doesn't work
- AccessAnywhere computer list isn't sometimes refreshed
- avast! v8 now runs on Win8 too
- Problems with upgrading v7 to v8 on Win8 related to the network
- XP performance problem solved
- Automatic Profile detection in the firewall on Win7 solved
- No information popup on controlled PC when client is connected via avast! AccessAnywhere
- List of computers shows offline PCs and also those that don’t have AccessAnywhere activated
- BSODs & Webshield crashes fixed
- Problems with Security Center fixed
- Ad Blocker has now final facelift
- Stability issues with Outlook plugin solved
- UI might hang sometimes during connecting to avast! account
- Problems in data shredder solved
- After facebook registration setup might crash so reboot is required to start avast! service
- During softrial gui is not correctly updated
- Trial period could not be activated (update from v7 to v8)
- Missing pre-defined scan jobs (update from v7 to v8)
- Fixed FW installation issues on Win8 (upgrade from v7)
- New graphics placed
- Fixed problem with "disappearing GUI" - CreditAlert component
- Fixed issue with Chrome 25
- Fixed IE plugin hangs
- Fixed DHCP issues (unable to obtain IP address)

Known issues in this version
- No major issues

It should be possible to install this version on top of your existing avast! installation (all settings should be preserved).
[When you reinstalling from older beta, we recommend to use aswClear - [Ссылки могут видеть только зарегистрированные пользователи. ]]

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